Sunday, February 05, 2006

To all prospective Paritranaiites

First I offer my salute to those patriotic IITians for their selfless endeavour. The blog has been started for the following reasons
1) It is an initiative taken by prospective Paritrana members towards addressing the hurdles and the problems being faced by the paritrana.
2) In an effort towards urging every prospective paritranaiites to act, apart from calling themselves the member of the cult.
3) Let each paritrana member take an initiative towards offering tangible benefit to Paritrana.Let us have this blog where we have all our paritranaiites brainstorm on the issues facing Paritrana.We will then present our ideas,suggestions and solutions to our PARITRANA leaders.
4) The most important of all we should see to that the pragmatic ideas solution and suggestions proposed by all of us should convert into actions.By doing this I feel that we paritranaiites dont serve as instances to the fact that we Indians talk a lot but dont act.

We will start with the prime issues facing Paritrana
Fundraising: I have identified the following practical ways in which we could raise funds
1. Merchandising of the Paritrana brand like coming up with Paritrana branded t shirts.
2. Paritrana online members voluntarily donating money to the paritrana trust
3. Since majority of the people from the IT industry would be applying for the membership any amount of donation request by the party would be granted altruistically.
4.Requesting the patriotic Indo Americans,NRIs who are genuinely interested in the welfare of the country to donate to Paritrana.

Gathering momentum: This is the most important of all.What should be done towards getting people from the grassroots section to know about PARITRANA and their mission.Making them believe that paritrana is not yet another political party.

Prerequisites for becoming a Paritranaiite:

In my application form to Paritrana I have given the following suggestions.

The following could be the list of prerequisites for a person to become a member of paritrana. Not committing a misdemeanor of any sort to the public(to the degree of not even littering a chocolate wrapper on the road) if committed in the past for any unstoppable reasons should never be committed in the future. First and foremost what we Indians lack is taking initiatives.But once an initiative has been taken we Indians have the will to back him up.I strongly feel in the near future when paritrana has attained the cult status among the Indian youths each Paritranaiites would have felt the synergy to the extent of questioning any amerciable act such as person engaging in corruption or a person spitting on the road and his fellow paritrana members and the public backing him up.

Whatever being mentioned above is my humble ideas and suggestions to the problems facing Paritrana.What is more important is that
1. I need comments and better suggestions or solutions for the posted problems.
2.How do we go about implementing our thoughts.
3.Identifying any potential issue with respect to Paritrana.

Strength, manhood, Kshatra-virya, Brahma-teja. All power is within you; you can do anything and everything.
-Swami Vivekananda


At 10:31 AM, Blogger Swadesipal said...

First of all, salute to you too Dharmal, i quite liked your pragmatic approach, let me be too a kind of 'straight to business'. Following are the ideas i thought could be beneficial.
As we seek more and more publicity,
1. We need to printf some kind of posture or anything regardin the formation of Paritrana, and glue it wherever we think most youths can watch.
2. Try to make the postures more bigger and very remarkable, though money for that, either you get from prospective members collection, or pay it from your own wallets. *(I myself got a posture printed an article about Introduction to Paritrana published in Economic Times and glued it to several places in colleges.) *(People who look around others to help should have no place in Paritrana. Atleast there are something sometimes when we do it by our own.)
3. Your idea about merchandising Paritrana T-shirts is very good, but that could only be possible when we form a mass group, where we can have collection of money, division of work among all etc.
4. Your second idea about donating money online will be implemented by Paritrana itself, but that would take sometime, as Treasurer Chandrashekhar is having meetings with online banking companies. If you are thinking about prejoining money help, I'm ready anyway.
5. As you mentioned it as most important is to publicise Paritrana around grassroot level, but I think first thing that we should do is do it on creamy level. Let the guys atleast know what is this all about, how some people have sacrificed their entire comfort life to our nation. Let the group be full of dynamic crazy lovers of nation, then rest publicity will be done by newspapers and news channels.
6. For initial publicity, let some intro article be forwarded to as many guys as we could, with a ps: I have joined. That article should be very biased, not published from Paritrana itself, but should be Economic time/Timesofindia article, or people will think contrary, as much as I understand youth psychology. That posture should be followed by site address, blog address and many more.
Give me your mail id, mine is i'll mail you some very good articles on Paritrana to be forwarded.

At 7:30 AM, Blogger Bobby said...

Heartening to see you guys taking positive and quick initiative. I think first we need to start understanding and helping others understand what Paritrana is all about?

In this context we can forward/e-mail a well written message/information supported by newspaper articles to our friends/colleagues and everyone we know. This should contain listing of honest goals and way to achieve them. In this regard, I think the main Paritrana team help is highly desirable. Publicize the web site.

People at viallage level need to understand and put trust in Pritrana for actual impact nationwide. Let's share ideas about this out here - how to do?

Once people understand the mission honestly, money will have no problem. Online donations is a very good idea. I hope Paritrana treasurer will do a swift act in this regard.

In the tech age, among technocrats at least online inspiring ads/posters can be really handy which can be sent via e-mails or through web.

Paritrana community members should implement policy of spending at least some time of their weekly routines exclusively for the party activities in any manner.

At 7:32 AM, Blogger Mann Sahib said...

I have a stupid little question, but I need some information.
How are you related to Paritrana?

At 8:23 AM, Blogger Vivek Drolia said...

hey guys, i think so mann sahib has a valid point there. we all can keep thinking about ideas, it's good but, inorder to have them take positive effect, they will have to be coordinated with paritrana. so, it's imperative that all interested people join paritrana and then coordinate our efforts. i think so that for gaining popularity in the right way, the most important thing to do would be to start bringing changes in ground realities. to spread awareness amongst the uneducated youth, which is a large portion of india now, is a very important thing to do. we can only do that as a coordinated effort, where each city unit of paritrana, as and when they are formed, work at local levels. i say this as the problems being faced by india is solvable most at the local levels. people need to be educated and motivated to follow law and order first. that would solve most of the problem, coz we may make as many rules as we want. but if no one follows them, it's of no use. fundraising is an aspect at which chandrashekhar's answer was not the best ones. he was hiding the source as he said in that interview source of funds were personal resources and friend's money. that is not logical. let's see what they come up with.
but certainly, we can spread the word about the existance of such an organisation amongst the youth. and by youth we should mean more of college passouts, as college goers still need to concentrate on studies and career. i am myself a college goer, i cant devote my entire time to it as yet. same would be the case with other college goers.
concentrating on fundraising right now would be futile. lets concentrate more on creating awareness, gaining momentum and also in understanding the basic problems facing us a country.

At 9:20 AM, Blogger Sakthivel Nayakan said...

I am sure that almost everyone in India wants the youngsters (especially patriotic and educated ones at that) to participate in the electoral process from the other side. If this is to be effective then

a - Continuing with what vivek said -the Treasurer should ensure that the whole process regarding money is open and have the flow of money be available for public scrutiny at all times.

b - We all believe that these fellows have the best of intentions at heart and sure will give them the benefit of the doubt BUT the people of India have been fooled too many times before and therefore in order to show their true good intentions -it would be good if the primary people involved with the party were to declare their wealth / tax returns just to assure us that this is not going to become yet another Political Party.

c-T-shirts are nice, Blogs are good, Grassroot movements are laudable but what exactly is this PARTY about? - the goal and philosophy seems to be lofty but err.. too vague and I mean really vague. Give me numbers, give me goals, give me targets.

d - Starting too big seems to have been the primary reason that many organizations have floundered (not thinking big BUT STARTING BIG) - In this case it would have been easier to have started at a lower panchayat/city/state level than a national party.

e- Extending point c - it would be great if the goals were to be something tangible like provide two toilets for every ten streets rather than will get rid of corruption (though the latter is nice too).

d- Too many times organizations that have national/international ambitions tend to not achieve the goals because of lack of diversity - In this case it might (just might) be the fact that it could be turn out to be an All-IIT organization. The geographical diversity of the students or the institutes themselves doesnt count much in the eyes of the public or other members who might not join because of this - It is imperative that the PERCEPTION be that this is not an EXCLUSIVE CLIQUE. Yes I read that the treasurer is an exception.

e- The President / Vice President and Treasurer posts seemed to have been filled by the folks who started it - Hey Great idea for a Startup in the Valley but if its going to be a Political Party that desires national status AND FOR ALTRUISTIC MOTIVES THEN - IT SHOULD BE MADE CLEAR that these COULD BE only TEMPORARY POSTS (for these guys could be the best we have:)) and could be given to ANY POTENTIAL or MORE DESERVING CANDIDATES

At 11:15 AM, Blogger dharmal said...

To Mr Mann Sahib,
Your question is warranted but you havent read my posting properly.The very first point mentions that it is an initiative taken by a group of prospective paritranaiites towards helping the paritrana leaders with suggestions and solutions,thereby sharing the load of the leaders.This blog is here to back them up.And also urgin all the prosective paritrananiites to ACT .This is towards helping them in a tangible manner than just saying "I support them or All the best"
As I have mentioned in the posting the purpose of this blog is towards having the prospective paritranaiites brainstorm on the issues facing paritrana an coming up with effective tangible solutions.As I have mentioned all our further course of actions such as coming up with posters as my fellow patriot Anand has suggested ,getting volunteers from the college to spread the messge,getting the grassroots sections know about the Parirana leaders etc........will be presented to our PARITRANA leaders for approval ( I have mentioned this in the 3rd point of my first para.)Till then no action in the name of paritrana until my membership has been approved by Paritrana leaders will be carried out.Though my online campaiging for Paritrana such as these blogs,email forwards towards enlightening the Indians browsing the web will be carried out .

At 1:16 AM, Blogger Nagsen Meshram said...

I have been reading everybody's comment and liked the way our generation have started taking the initiation. Anybody can speak on issues but very few can act on what they actually say. Its not about Paritrana..its not about who is who..its not about the power..but its about the guts of entering in dirty politics and clean it up. Im not here to discuss the issues india facing, Im here to at least encourage people who dared to enter in with a positive mindset and have a believe that they will change the system one day. I hated politics so much when I was in india that I never voted for anybody because I used to think that all politicians are corrupt and no political party deserve my vote. But at least now, I have a reason to vote. I have a reason to support.
I cant say more at this point of time because I dont want to give suggetions just by sitting far from india, but I want to act and participate in this activity.
The only thing I will say, Im proud that our generation is awaking now and I have a strong belief that one day we will change the system. I appreciate the way Anand/Dharmal is thinking. You guys are going the right way. The most important thing is people should know what paritrana is all about and make them sure that its not just another political party. We need to enlighten people on what Paritrana is all about. Im thinking on how I can contribute to this activity..

At 5:24 AM, Blogger Swadesipal said...

Just now my mother n father saved in riots of Hindu-Muslim in Nagpur. I think there's really no end whatsoever. I mean, after all this bloody shitt happened in Godhra Kand, BJP tryin very hard to get to that situation back again. They haven't been satisfied killin each other in no of millions. I mean, when someone can not have any other issue over which can make tension, then riots is the best option for that.
now if unfortunately my mom-pop would've hurt, i don know what would I have done to these bloody parties... Now, I want to go for elections and make the complete makeover for these terrosists parties.
No yaar, theres no end.. they will not live and will not let anyone live, thats what their motives are. Tell me now, how is 'mera bharat mahan' now?

At 5:38 AM, Blogger Swadesipal said...

First time in my life, I'm feelin like cryin aloud for this riot situation... Nothing can really happen, people not wantin to change and live happily here in bharat.. pliz stop man.. stop this fight.
Now either I'll change the system, or will hang or shoot myself.

At 7:55 AM, Blogger arun said...

There many critisizers of the idea , i agree.
But i cant think of any other way that we can make a permenent difference.
Indians by nature are what should i say "indians".
They dont trust other indians quiet easily and think that nothing should change , , generally.
Paritrana is big ,it is not the first to make an attempt but is special because it is unknowingly targetting the higher educated segment. I am impressed by the escitement that it has generated.
Dont give up guys , but even if you do i wont .

At 9:06 AM, Blogger Vivek Drolia said...

first of all, i'll say to anand, man cool down. and handle yourself. i am sorry to hear about what happened, but you cant allow yourself to break so easily. it's not even began as yet. if we are serious in doing what we want to do, we will have to face a lot more than this. i agree in many ways to nayakan. we should start at the grassroot levels, as it is most important to bring change in the way people think. right now, we are just a bunch of educated guys on the net, thinking about these things. but it needs to spread to the common man. and the best way to do it would be by actions and not by words. paritrana has recieved more attention more quickly than maybe they can handle. people like anand are eager to join and get started. they should not let the fire in the belly die. right now, all we can do is:
1) build understanding about our goals.
2) wait for paritrana to start membership
3) spread the word about existance of such a party
4)and , in general, educate people around us, the importance of taking up politics.

i am also eager to read the complete literature about paritrana. they have a section on it on their website, which is still not complete. i am in no way doubting intentions of these people, but it's imperative that we understand the ideology of the organisation before associating with it.

At 9:06 AM, Blogger Vivek Drolia said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 2:12 PM, Blogger Nagsen Meshram said...

Andy, cool down brother. All the political parties are famous for spreading riots. When nothing seems to work for them, then its their last weapon. But I feel sad when somebody listen to such people blindly. I mean a common man should have a capability of judging what is right and what is wrong. I know their are few culprits who spread such violance but there are people who listen to them and act same instead of applying their mind whether it is really correct or not. Anyways, this is again an endless discussion. Well, this is india and everything is based on religion. Even political parties are formed based on religion, their agendas are based on religion, hindu vote for hindu leaders, muslim vote for muslim leaders and it doesnt even matter if the leader really deserve their vote or not. Im really glad that Paritrana's agendas are not based on religion and it is based on grassroot problems. Initially we did not have any option on voting parties but now we have a reason to vote. Paritrana is the reason. A selfless, motivated, dedicated political party. I still remember when I used to say india ka kuch nahi ho sakta but my sister used to tell me what are you doing to make india better. If you think that politicians are not deserving then why dont you get into politics. If you think parites are corrupt then why dont you start your own party..why dont you appear for an IAS exam..its easier said than done.
and I kept quite because I knew she is correct. What am I doing to make this a better place rather than criticizing what is wrong. What I would like to say is this is the golden opportunity for all of us to take advantage of this initiative taken by Paritrana. We can all make our dream come true through Paritrana. Go ahead for it.

At 8:18 PM, Blogger Swadesipal said...

Hey all brothers, early in the morning i recieved a call from National President Tanmay Rajpurohit and he show his gratitude for supporting the Paritrana. He told me to wait for couple of more weeks, because ECI (Election Commission of India) has delayed the dates of registration by 35 days, hence their planning has been delayed too. Also setting up the infrastructure would take that much period too. So have patience is all what he said, after then they will begin campaigning all over the Bharat, covering almost all the cities(Nagpur too, when i asked him specifically).
He was just so 'down to earth' talking to me, with kind of official languistic. He said, Dharmal and me are nicely appreciated by National Treasurer Chandrashekhar, and recommended him to call me. Now as we been contacted by Mr. Tanmay Rajpurohit, we can start mass level promotion in all levels, as that call itself was the sort of confiramtion and authority to the group.

At 8:19 PM, Blogger Swadesipal said...

National Tresurer mailed me, i'm pasting the copy:

Dear Anand,

Thanks for the support that was REALLY unexpected and
so is the response. We are currently VERY busy
documenting our political philosophy and plan of
action to encompass the unexpected overwhelming
support we are getting. We are unable to communicate
with a lots of supporters like you.
Besides all other factors, Election Commission of
India has delayed the scheduled date by 35 around days
and thrown our plan off the balance for the same
duration as well.
Keep following the website for the announcements and
updates, after this E.C.I. episode we'll only be able
to start by the end of this month. So have patience
for a couple of weeks.


At 1:26 PM, Blogger Swadesipal said...

one of my friend Rohit Shah is publicizing in a maniacal way. He forwarded my article to 60-70 friends in India and abroad. Then, inserted article in around 10 college group's sites. Then he sent article to editor of one of the famous newspaper in US, who was his friend's brother, where that editor has taken responsibility to publish. And he's renowned as "serial killer" in our group. Thats the spirit with which we got to work.
Then one lady friend (s/w engg)in London asked, how will we convince all villagers. She knew, (as she's from strong political party background), that every party turns their votes by supplying 2 bottles of desi wine to each one, or the villagers just don't understand by any means. Now according to our ideology, we can not simply fall to that level to gain votes.

Now there is a challenge for everyone who thinks his/herself to be prospective members, to explore such an idea with which we can get the uneducated minds understood, how can we convince villagers, (other than undignified way of providing 2 bottles of desi to each one) Think everyone, there is a way, becuase some parties manages even that.

At 1:28 PM, Blogger Swadesipal said...

hey anand means swadesipal guys, its my nickname other than "DJ MAA-KASAM".

At 5:19 AM, Blogger arun said...

Hi DJ, good to see you havent cooled down .Its a shame tht we dont have enough funding to do some good publicity , but we should start somewhere . i suggest we distribute small templates and gige a small intro about paritrana in all major colleges in our area. Lets start off with every class in our own college . The cost encountered can be shared by us .

At 11:42 AM, Blogger Swadesipal said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 11:45 AM, Blogger Swadesipal said...

Oh guys, im just so good. Anyone whom i tell abt paritrana could never stay apart then being a member. Today, i told 9 guys in a ceremony, all are ready to go for it. They will take one of the article and start pasting in colleges (all colleges of Amrawati, as they committed). Now after some 5-6 cities in India, i covered one more today.

I think Arun is right abt the publicity by collecting the funds, if possible of course. Even if it isn't, it doesn't matter with guys like me, I'll do by my own wallets. Till now i've wasted thousands of bucks on nothing, i'll do regression for the sake of my bharat. Till now i've only spoken, but i won't limit myself now.

What happened Dharmal bro, no comments from so long. It's ok ofcourse if you're busy, we're here.

ps: I've posted one of the article i wrote around 2 years before. If all you have time, go thru this, u'll come to know why i'm so maniac abt my country, it's abt my own experiences. (Hey Nagsen bro, you have read it.)

At 4:28 AM, Blogger dharmal said...

Hi everyone, sorry for the late reply.
As Anand has said we need to carry out our actions with intense fervour and aggression fueled by the retribution we thought of having on this corrupt political system.For charging up let us recall just a few instances when we lost our temper---murder of the IIT graduate Satyendra Dubey , IIM graduate Manjunath who were all victims of this corrupt political system,the acceptance of bribe by the lard laden politicans for raising question in the parliaments towards taking a break from the usual routine of warming up the seats in the parliament.
Let us remember that we enjoy a facility which China doesnt enjoy where google searches and blogs containing words like democracy are censored and let us see to that we harness this facility to the fullest extent possible.Let each one of us visiting this blog see to that the information about PARITRANA party reaches the group mailing list of EVERY (I mean EVERY college) college in his/her city.From my observation 50% of the hits to this blog and to other paritrana related sites has been received from NRIs.In other words 50% of those who cannot vote.We have lot to do when it come to scaling up the popularity ratings of Paritrana.
Now before I come up with a new initiative I am ensuring that the first milestone is reached---the mail containing the information about Paritrana is forwarded to all my colleagues ,college passed outs and to the mail groups of every college in my city(CHENNAI).And I urge every fellow patriots visiting this blog to take up the responsibility of forwarding the information about PARITRANA to every college in his her city.This is more important since from my observation from the recent past there is still a huge chunk of the college goers,college passouts and professionals who are still ignorant of PARITRANA and many who regard it as a rumour.The total visitor count to paritrana related blogs has hardly crossed 1000 in other words only 1000 are interested in the happenings of Paritrana.

In tne mail forwarded by all of us let us ensure the mail contains the following information.

The link to the PARITRANA website
The Times of India article.
The CNN IBN article
The link to the interview with Chandrasekhar for knowing more about the party.
And a link to the JOIN US page of PARITRANA website.

This is towards ensuring that the first time readers dont treat it as hoax or chain forward.For instance when I received the info about paritrana for the first time thru mail I suspected it as a hoax and prayed that it was true.
And for PARITRANA posters if anyone has already come up with a prototype please post it in the blog for review and enhancements .

At 1:03 PM, Blogger Swadesipal said...

i have written one more article, if you got some extra time, go thru it, small but influencial i try n make it to affect like. If ya like it, forward it to the ones who didn't take interest in Paritrana.

So the problem i given, it seems no one could explore the solution over it. Pliz everyone, try to find solution of problem i raised (1.26 PM post) Its very important, since Paritrana members seek suggestions over these problems having lack of experience.

At 4:17 PM, Blogger jeh said...

My friends,
I am new here, having just learnt about Paritrana a few days ago, but what strikes me as almost electrifying is the buzz that this event has created over the online media. But without any formal structure to the party, everything we have right now is just conjecture.
Apart from raising awareness, which I shall come to in a moment, I believe our key role at this moment must be to discuss what the party stand for. It is all well and good to chide the inequities of our governments, but our party must not be formed of opposition to any object i.e. the government, because then we will be defined by our opponents. A few comments I read by prospective members seem to come from anger, and though that is not entirely unreasonable, by accepting the responsibility of seeing our nation through, we become more that mere men and women easily controlled by our passions.We must.
We do not stand against anyone in anger even if it be righteous anger, for we symbolize an awakening. We must open the hearts of the people of our country and inspire them to action, not ask them to vote for us due to their anger against the current system.
About awareness:
As much as I hate to admit it, there are many Indias which exist today. There are different Indias in villages and cities, in colleges and schools. Which India do we represent? We must represent them all, because otherwise we are as good as a group of despots trying to enforce our view upon the rest. Before going any further, we MUST define clearly and in exact terms what we stand for, and then project ourselves accordingly. Awareness will come, but first we must define what we stand for. Once we are able to officially register for Paritrana, we become the party. So I ask you now...
What do we stand for?
Not in vague terms...for then we become children who are easily inspired but lack the persistence to see it through. But in words that will guide all our actions from henceforth.
Who are we?
What do we stand for?

At 8:50 PM, Blogger alfarid said...

i would totally agree with the questions jeh raised.infact i liked it a lot. i think before anything we should decide what the party should stand for.and we have to be very clear on that. if we still don't know wht we stand for, we better make the move asap.include everyone's opinions, right from the person in academics to the person with no education.discuss things with major CEOs of companies and also take into consideration the people who are currently in politics.we cannot alienate ourselves from the system to be a part of it. if this is the party for the people then everyone's opinions should be counted and then a jury representing members of every region,caste,community,religion, people from different walks of life should be set up to decide the party's ideology.i know this sounds quite romantic but i can see it happening for the way things are going. but we have to have the patience as we have to start our work in the grassroot level now. remember 75% of india's population lives in the rural areas.

At 1:12 AM, Blogger Swadesipal said...

I liked the fundamental questions raised by Jeh and Alfarid, what do we stand for? We can not alienate ourselves from system to be a part of it.
Lemme make my stand clear, I bein dubbed several times as a 'man in anger', and bein suggested to control it. I am not a season frog, I didn't and won't do anything just to satiate my anger. I think this way by born, unlike guys who began devoting time from quite somedays (think why anyone would be nicknamed as a 'swadesipal' from childhood).
Ok let it be, these would not contribute to system, I have several questions to be solved by any of us.

1. In Bharat, more than 45% of the voters are villagers, most of which are uneducated and very innocent. Out of those, 75% of villagers are men, and out of those more than 80% of villagers couldn't understand their own benefit and vote for only them who provide 2 bottles of 'desi wine'. Yes, thats sad but true, that more than 27% of all the voters of Bharat could never be convinced except providing them with wine bottles to each one. Remember, they are too innocent (Im not using word 'fools' ) being uneducated. Hence even if we publicize Paritrana in mass level, try to make them understood anyhow to whom should they supposed to vote, they only could see symbol of whom they drink.

2. Know why South Indians play regional politics, because they feel if there is no Southie in the centre, south will be neglected. This is their strong belief from past decades of years inherited from generations to generation, so we should concentrate to include some very dynamic, intellectual and real patriot southies from now on, and as many as we could. (Dharmal and ArunKumar are expected to provide help here)

3. The most complicated issue in above all these, prevails always, and that is, religional voting. We should begin thinking very seriously to its deepest concept with all aspects regarding the mentality and expectations of religional voters. I have discussed this with some very experienced ones, parents and so, and have some very different fundamental ideas which might be proven very helpful indeed.

We all should explore the solutions, I request all you guys to spare some time thinkin over it.

At 7:33 AM, Blogger dharmal said...

The best possible solution on wooing the villagers, I could think so far is ..
Absorbing the local youth population into PARITRANA who thereby educate their relatives on the long term benefits of voting for PARITRANA.I need everyone's feedback on this idea and come up with better solution if there is one.
South: This is another issue I thought of raising.In south you would find the politicans trying to prove who is more native and playing the blame game as to who is not responisble for not declaring Tamil as the official language and who is responsible for not making TAMIL a compulsory 2nd language .Irony is that you would find these politicians children and grandchildren studying in the poshest convent schools where speaking in Tamil is considered a taboo.And eventually the losers are those poor students who pass out from Tamil medium schools unable to fare well in the interviews conducted by the MNCs.NO I am not against act of Tamil being patronised.
As to what could be done towards making the native people feel Paritrana as one among them.
1) Opening a PARITRANA chapter in the south and getting more native students involved in PARITRANA.Cause this is the only section of the society whom I feel are open minded and prefering a change or revolution to happen.Remember by involving the students you are getting the support of the parents and relatives as well.

2) Adapting PARITRANA to the southern taste ---Having the Paritrana posters printed in the native language, having the PARITRANA ideology charted out by National Treasurer Chandrasekhar available in the native languages.

At 8:20 AM, Blogger Jeh said...

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At 8:33 AM, Blogger Jeh said...

I believe that at this point we are in a pretty hopeless position, us the bloggers not the party itself. All these discussions we are having could all prove to be useless, as everything right now depends on the party leadership and their decisions in the near future. Our efforts at creating awareness are also just a prelude, because right now we have nothing solid to back us up. I think at this point it might be best if we simply talk about ourselves, as it will give each of us an idea of what the other sees in the party. What else can we do right now, apart from raising awareness? Though I support Dharmaal's suggestion for a charter in the South, I can't help but wonder if that is instead a decision for the party leadership...which brings me to the next point. What is the party leadership? Right now all we have is the names on the website, and while we talk about things here, what effect if any will this have on the people involved? Are there going to be elections for the other positions in the party? Because if not, then all we are doing is being a bunch of enthusiasts talking about the party, and as such have little or no impact on the development of the party as a whole.

At 8:34 AM, Blogger Jeh said...

Just by the way, anyone here from Mumbai? It makes it easier to communicate face to face then over the net, so if there are interested people, perhaps a meet would be in order.

At 11:57 AM, Blogger Nagsen Meshram said...

I totally agree with Jeh. I think we had enough discussions on Paritrana and all of us know what Paritrana is all about (at least its agendas and philosophy) so now its time to put words in action because I believe action speaks louder than words. Of-course we should do this informing Paritrana's official members. As far as I know, the membership of Paritrana will start sometime after a month because of ECI 35 days delay of registration date, as Anand was informed by Chandrashekhar and Tanmay Rajpurohit. We can inform them about our step and start dispatching/distributing the pamphlets/brochure in all the colleges. Interested people can join city wise and start the work. May be we can start a blog where everybody will mention their profile (Name, age, city) and then we will group it city wise and later they can meet at some place and decide on how to go ahead. After this step, may be Paritrana will do a campaign in each of those cities. I think this is also already in TODO list when Anand told me when he talked to Tanmay over the phone.
So what do you say, guys??

At 5:20 AM, Blogger dharmal said...

Hi all,
I concur with Anand said ,it would largely suffice if we are able to enact whatever has been proposed so far before we come up with any discussion.Let us wait till the PARITRANA leader gets done with the formalities.Till then what we could do is to get more and more people know about PARITRANA by mass email forwarding and proceed with the steps what Anand has suggested.And for the pamphlets and brochures if anyone has already come up with one let us know.

At 11:53 AM, Blogger Swadesipal said...

Hey guys, believe me, i'm not getting diplomatic or unbiased, but everyone is right here by gettin li'l momentarily result oriented. But I have prob concurrin with Jeh and Alfarid in their denial of concept of KARMA (Don misinterpret to get me as a Hinduism follower, I'm very agnostic)

Well, I am here commentin n discussin too much unreasonably, becuz those five IITians have no experience in politics, but still they jumped for us. So discussin, arguin and concludin with best ideas on certain complicated issues will help Paritrana in all. Even if Tanmay Rajpurohit doesn't read our issues-solutions n ideas on this blog(as he says he will), we'll get it ready for them anyway altruistically.
Now, think hard n pliz tell me why do you think discussin n concludin with best ideas may be proven as fruitless?

Now personally, why do i do the things without thinkin too much, without knowin how difficult or idiotic it may seem, becoz those IITians have sacrificed their entire comfort life resignin million $ jobs only for the sake of Indians, for all us. Any sensible man in this world would call it as a stupid step, n dub them as a bunch of idiots. They knew but still did it, gettin too much optimistic. They were not even sure, will people allow them at all to clean the system for their own goodness, but stil they took, what all u say, a crazy step. But know what, Bharat needs more idiots this way. This is where, my respected friend Dharmal n me think alike, but we find us alone in this current sensible India.

I wanna do anythin to help/support/promote those crazy men whatsoever. Think, if we all sensible men grouped n started a blog discussin unexplored solutions to critical issues, arguin on different ideas, conclude with best one solution, then why wouldn't it help Paritrana? Why do you think we can't tell them, or they won't listen us??
When Tanmay had called me on reply to my sent mails, he did said that "all the ideas are welcome, since we don't have exp too, you can ring/mail us anytime. He knows me, cuz I send them mails regularly regardin issues n ideas. I don expect them even to reply me. (though they do, replyin an honest thank n pliz seek more.. kinda) I respect those idiots the most in world.

Above all sacrifices by them, can't we just sit comfortably in our home/office in leisure and think some very brilliant ideas for the sake of all bhartiyas, by applyin our highly intellectual n dynamic mind?

These shrewed old politicians will be proven less brilliant for sure, if we all fresh/young/enggs/docters/MBAs/PHDs n many more solve in unity, won't they?

So dudes, think for people, for our Bharat, problems, solutions, ideas, how will some areas get better, Don't loose thikin, even if it seems crazy/fruitless. Becuz if we keep thinkin in sensible way, doubting always whether it'll help or not, then we'll be left definately where we were from more than last 50 years for sure.

Even goin thru my entire nonsense you think contrary, then Dharmal n me will never mind, and resume this senseless work lonely again. But remember, we should supposed to be united whatsover. System can't be changed unless we all help/contribute.

At 12:51 PM, Blogger Swadesipal said...

Oh mother, what a long comment..
Anyways, now I wanna raise debate on ways to stop corruption at all.
1. Firstly, are these sting operations, hidden cameras, phone calls taping are good? Is that alright to have surveillance on each ones who may appear doubtful, though its bad to have a watch on private matters of others.
2. Like these ways, think some ideas with which corruption can be minimized/stopped. I don know why, but i sense (I have strong 6th sense), that solution to this prob is a click away.
3. President Abdul Kalam thought of an idea to encourage children instead, to invoke their corrupted parents dignity by askin some (deservin to be slapped)questions to parents. To some extent, it is workin i heard, but it is not ultimate solution for sure.. Like this one.. ultimate solution is a ring away, think.
4. President Kalam said in his speech that gifting is the basic concept which began corruption. Change must be from within ourselves first, So from now on, we will vow and follow two difficult things firstly... ok Vow with me: WE WILL NEVER GIFT ANYONE TO GET OUR WORK DONE WHATSOEVER and also NEITHER WE WILL TAKE A GIFT TO GET SOMEONE'S WORK DONE WHATSOEVER.
and thirdly, the change must be from our home/environment itself, so probably the most difficult of all, but vow with me: WE WILL NOT SAVE/LET ESCAPE ABSOLUTELY ANYONE WE FIND AS A CORRUPT/GUILTY THAT WE COME ACROSS WHATSOEVER.

I feel a change, back to the better days (metallica lines). Proud of you guys, we all sweared.

Now for those who didn't swear or not in mood to do, start thinkin ideas to either convince them to do, or like paritrana's concept "DAND" will make anyone straight. Think for high level corruptions, and low level as well. Best of luck to you all.

I have prepared an effective email to be forwarded to all young ones, pliz everyone post your id's quickly within 1 day, then I'll despatch to you all once.

At 1:06 PM, Blogger Swadesipal said...

One more thing, all we guys, whose any relative brother, friends, or just any young ones (same or diffrent town) just anyone we have, tell completely about Paritrana, its ideologies, reason of formation, sacrifices by some guys and everything that you may tell, in your own convincing way.

You know, it works more than we can anticipate. I have tried and told many of my young brothers n friends whose are in different cities, and they have agreed too to publicize and pasting the posters abt Paritrana article i written in Hindi, also tranlation in local language Marathi. They all wanted to do something for their country too. They will paste the articles in all the colleges they may find. They work with great spirit, that even we guys will blush before them.

Have a Try.

At 10:43 PM, Blogger Yashesh Bhatia said...


it's Sat Feb 18th 2006 - 12:12pm IST
and the website is not acccessible without authorization. Asks for a userid and password which i suspect could be due to .htaccess for the site.



At 10:51 PM, Blogger ramnath shenoy said...

"Zindagi Jeene Ke do Tareeke Hote Hain.......Ya to jo ho raha hai usey hone do ya phir zimedari uthao usey badalne ki", quoted Aamir Khan.
The day we decide to live our mmiserable money-oriented lives the latter way.......PARITRANA will be achieved. However for that we need to penetrate the youth of this country and for that we need to get down on our haunches and touch the roots of this nation. We cannot possible achieve orur goals by sitting in our plush homes and posting messages on coz not even 5% of the Indian population owns a computer forget their having access to the Internet. So we need to spread the word by better means. Tell everyone you meet about Paritrana and ask each one of them to pass it on forward. Let us start a chain reaction that would bring about a glorious future for this country. So first lets become a potential force and then this force will find its way to its dream of a truly MAHAN INDIA.

At 10:24 AM, Blogger Nagsen Meshram said...

Hi Ramnath, we know that majority of Indians dont have internet access but we are here to discuss the problems faced by Paritrana and how it can be lead to success. The problems cannot be solved overnight. Im not sure if you have read all the replies posted so far but I can tell you the outcome of this blog. We are trying to discuss the solutions and a way to enlighten the indian people(not only urbanites but villagers and uneducated, each and every person of India) about Paritrana so that they should know what is good and what is bad for them. What is Paritrana and its agendas. Whats going on and what should change. Im pretty sure that We will achieve it. We just need young people like you who will help everybody to get to know better about Paritrana.
BTW: I have decided that I will distribute Pamphlets/Brochures in the Indian Places(Indian Hotels/Restaurents, Stores, Discs, Theatres etc.etc) in entire north and south Bay area. I just need the contents which should be provocative enough to ignite the passion of India in Indian-American souls. I hope it would help NRIs to know more about Paritrana and Im sure there are people still think that India will be the superpower in future.
InshaAllah !!

At 11:12 AM, Blogger Swadesipal said...

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At 11:17 AM, Blogger Swadesipal said...

Hi all respected prospective members,
I have created this group "Paritrana" to have a online database of all, who are interested in Paritrana, for future prospect. It will consist of our names with contact mail id's database, would be very useful while announcements or somethin more useful.
I'll then send all those id's to Mr. Rajpurohit.

Pliz join.
and pliz forward this id to each n everyone you can send.

Well, I'm very proud that we really do somethin sensible while talkin, other than all other blogsites. Nagsen has decided to take a very bold step, which will help the paritrana to raise its funds faster n bigger than ever. All Indo-American patriots will love this for sure and will join/help/promote/donate hopefully. Good Nagsen, great step you took indeed to cover up all Indian places in north n south bay area of united states. Now thats the spirit with which we all should supposed to promote/invoke the Indian lads. Now with people like us, I'm pretty sure too, that we will make a difference in system.
We are designin bigger colorful posters abt Paritrana.. design I'll send to 'files' or 'pictures' section of the group I've just told you, if anyone is interested, then do get'em printed. Everyone start writin your own articles and attach those to group's files, then forwardin/publishin/pastin the best chosen articles to all will bring a revolution. Gud luck to all, and do forward that group's id to all.

At 11:41 AM, Blogger vivek said...

I donno y is evry body behing this paritrana...the main prob wid the people(espeially indians) is some one takes one bold step and then people think that they r rite widout any proper reason n start goin in the same line....who knows may be this party is like other parties.....
if u really have an urge for better india..u have many other better things to work other than in politics....

At 1:53 PM, Blogger Nagsen Meshram said...

What are you doing to make things better in india? If nothing then stop discouraging people who want to do something for the country. If they think politics is the better way to make things happen then let it be. If you think there is some other way, go ahead with it but stop posting such illmannered suggestions to this blog. Its not about Indians but its about individual who is responsible for the future of India. and stop generalizing the statement because I personally think that people like you can only pull other's legs who wants to do something to make a difference instead of doing something positive and support.
If you have better ideas to change the present corrupt system then please enlighten us and if not then keep quite at your home couch and watch the show instead of posting such blogs which make no sense.

At 2:39 PM, Blogger Nagsen Meshram said...

Also Vivek, one thing I forgot to tell you is "Learn To Appreciate".

At 6:49 AM, Blogger dharmal said...

Hi Vivek,
You have thereby intiated a pointless discussion which would be of no use to PARITRANA.Ok here's my feedback.
Yes I do agree that Indians in general lack taking intiatives ,even if a high profile person has the guts to come up with a great intiative the gutless punks start carping him,and Indians do talk a lot and dont act,.And from your comments I have realised that you serve as a perfect instance to all the above said qualities.
Vivek said "if u really have an urge for better india..u have many other better things to work other than in politics.... "
Better things to work on....In the current political scenario you want an Indian scientist to come up with a groundbreaking invention or discovery that Indians could be proud of.That sounds great.This would never happen unless the brain drain reverses or we have enough funding to carry out the research actvities.I would like to direct you to the following articles
which the mentions aggressive steps currently taken by the Chinese government towards wooing the top Chinese scientits and mathematicians from institutions like MIT....and increase funding for their instituitions .Here in India even if a top scientist, engineer stays back in India and works in a government office he would end up in the same manner as Satyendra Dubey or Manjunath did.
Has any crackbrained politicians made a promise that the next nobel laureate would be from India or would upgrade all the village ,corporation,goverment schools to the best in the world thereby providing quality education towards racing China or has any son of b***h sorry a eunuch in the sports ministry put forth a challenge that in the next Olympics India would fetch atleast 5 gold medals.And why shouldnt states compete with each other towards having the best infrastructure,airports,cities,thereby wooing foreign investment which was and currently being carried out by China.This is lethargy,indifference,selfishness,bureaucracy at its best.
Does it mean that our President(APJ) and we INDIANS are not interested in it.Not at all the reason is simple it is because they dont enjoy the power to kick out the required steps and even if an IAS officer with limited power carry out such steps it would be thwarted by the politicians.It is only till a certain point that NGOS and corporate funding can help.This was the same which was eventually realised by Tanmay and I would like to quote it from his profile.
"From his experience he realized that all the problems of society are interconnected and none of them can be solved separately. That is why any attempt that is made to solve them separately while ignoring the other inherently interrelated problems itself becomes a problem and hence is bound to fail."
Vivek said "who knows may be this party is like other parties"
This conveys that either you didnt read their profiles or either dont know about IITians and their potentials . They are not just any other people.Why should Tanmay denying his chances of becoming a top aerospace scientist in NASA.or why should Chandrasekhar relinquish hs dream of doing AI research in MIT.They didnt directly plunge into politics,remember they started of a social workers focussing on the grassroots sections of the society eventually realising whatever I quoted above.

At 7:08 AM, Blogger dharmal said...

I reiterate, the purpose of this blog is to come up with ideas that would be of tangible benefit to Paritrana and no carpings on PARITRANA would be acknowledged and would be deleted from the blog.
Great initiative Anand and nagsen. I feel that private groups is the best way to communicate with people who are really interested and void of any unwanted criticisms and comments by the indifferent lot.
Nagsen: As soon as the online payment system gets ready for PARITRANA the lack of funds wont be an issue at all .To say the least the NRIS are more excited and interested about this.The software professionals in India I feel for sure would also contribute in a altruistic manner.And I will see to that it happens.In the groups I have posted a mail which could be used for online campaign.I need all of your feedback towards making it more instigating.
In one of my previous comments to you and Jeh a week back I made a error referring you as Anand confused by the surname Meshram.sorry for the inconveniences caused.

At 6:48 PM, Blogger Jeh said...

Hello all,
Still waiting for any news of an informal meet and greet for those involved. I'm currently abroad but will be returning to Mumbai in two weeks, so still hoping to pull something off.
One thing I wanted to point out, and I hope I'm not offending anyone here, but I'd actually like Vivek and people to contribute to this blog more often, and would think it best if we reacted less violently for a simple reason.
I want them to come and ask their questions, raise their doubts. And we will se them right. We will not scream or insult.We will show them why we believe in this. Let's be honest, there are thousands of people like Vivek out there, and we shouldn't be ignoring them. We should be showing them why Paritrana is different. Let's not react with anger, that's what any normal person would do. But when we decided to step up and change things, we no longer have the luxury of being normal. We are something else entirely. We don't represent ourselves, we don't represent just the party.We represent India.And India does not strike back against those who criticize it, she is no bully. She shows them why they are wrong. People like Vivek are necessary to us, not only do they give us the opportunity to show that we are not ordinary politicians, but sometimes they might also have valid criticisms which we are blinded to because of our beliefs. It is our duty to hear him out. No less.We are not ordinary men. We are India.
To Vivek if you are still reading this, welcome to the blog. You asked what makes this party any different. We don't know yet. We know that it is made up of people who we believe are honest and honourable, and are certainly more courageous than most, but until the party actually starts functioning, we don't know. What we do know is that right now they represent the hopes and dreams of an India long dormant, and that is why we choose to support it. Because of what they stand for. Honour. Integrity. Courage. If we turn out to be wrong, then we will leave. But right now, we have not yet been proven wrong. We belive in it, and I hope you give us a chance to make you believe in it as well.
You also mentioned that if we truly did want to make a difference, we should try another field and not that of politics. I disagree. Why should we not take up politics? Is it because you believe we cannot make a difference there? Perhaps we cannot, but we will never know till we dry. It is very easy for people to sit behind their desks and criticize government policies, but not easy to actually step up, take responsibility and make a difference. There was a discussion recently on online message boards about why people from higher income groups don't join any services, such as the army, police etc. The discussers argued that this was because of two reasons a)The posts didn't pay as well. Being an engineer or an accountant or a doctor or anything else is better b)they feel it isn't their duty. We need to change that Vivek. It is our duty. Every single one of ours. We have to take responsibility. If not us, then whom? We are India.
My friend Dharmal,
I would just like to point out to you that being from IIT does not automatically make you more deserving. Last year, four IIT ex-students were arrested for online fraud in the USA in Las Vegas. I do agree that they are extremely talented and intelligent, but their moral integrity is not made up of where they come from. I didn't join Paritrana because they were from IIT even though I admire that institution greatly and my best friend goes there, I joined because of the passion exibited by the people who started the party, just like the passion you have shown in taking the initiative and starting this blog.

Nagsen Meshram said...
What are you doing to make things better in india?

I loved Nagsen's question. To me it summed up everything we are about, and everything we are trying to convey. How is each one of us, each Indian making India better. If we can get people to think of that question, we will already have made more of a difference than most politicans do in a lifetime.
Sorry for the long post.

What are you doing to make India a better place?

At 7:21 AM, Blogger dharmal said...

Thanks Jeh for your comments.Your comments were mature and broadminded. Vivek I am sorry if those comments hurted you.I would have reacted in the same manner had any of my friends made a comment as such.My intention was not to estrange or hurt you What I actually wanted to convey is that, Vivek you should be involved in the act backing up the PARITRANA leaders and enlightening others (for those of whom either PARITRANA,IIT or the concept of DAND doesnt make any sense and beleive that PARITRANA is just another political party),with intense passion rather the expressing contagious skepticisms.
I have my respects for you if you are already involved in doing good for the country and feel that you have many better ways to serve the country other that politics.
Regarding the IIT tag ,I evoked it just to reiterate the comforts relinquished by them towards working for a noble cause which is what impressed me a lot and not to strike a correlation between integrity,deserving,and IITians.

What are we doing to make India a better place?
Possible solution :Each highly paid professional like the software engineers etc..should volunteer to fund the education of an underprivelaged child by donating between 3000 to 5000 per year to NGOs like,and/or to environmental organisations like am already into this and further discussions on this we ll have it in the groups.

At 11:13 AM, Blogger Nagsen Meshram said...

Jeh, I liked your comments. Sorry Vivek, if I hurt you with those comments.Actually, I din like the way you said "the main prob wid the people(espeially indians) is" you are blaming the entire indian community without knowing why are we with Paritrana and what are its agendas. Instead of that, You would have asked what is paritrana and I would be glad to assist you on that. Anyways, my mistake, no heart feelings. Our sole purpose here to make everybody aware of Paritrana and what are its goals.Thanks for poiting out, Jeh.
Question again, What are you doing to make India a better place?
To be frank, I did nothing so far but now I think I have a reason to make India a better place. Paritrana. I can see India moving forward and things getting better and better when we all united in one umbrella called Paritrana.
and I strongly believe that the indian system will overlap the American system one day where I cant see even a single corruption case in public offices and you know what? Everytime I go to DMV office here or any government office and I compare it with RTO office in India,I feel that My India should have had such processes. So simple, so clean and absolutely NO CORRUPTION. And then I think about Paritrana and I think when those 5 guys just like me can sacrifice all the comforts in US and go back to india to work selflessly day and night for betterment then what am I doing? I consider myself no less patriotic than anybody else. then again what am I doing for that? I was not at all satisfied with what Im doing here in US and I was searching for an aim/goal for which people will recognize me and which will give me internal satisfaction like Yes I did something which I can be proud of.
Paritrana is not just a Political Party for me, its a combination of intellectual people, educated and the most importantly everyone has a strong desire of making india a better place and to do something for India. I can see all my dreams getting fulfilled by Paritrana.

At 11:21 AM, Blogger Swadesipal said...

Before this, we all have done absolutely nothin for a change that we seek, not only you Nagsen. The problem concerns me is, all the time we thought to bring about the change (usually on R-day or I-day), after sometime we forget. Why does it happen?
Like Nagsen asked, What are you doing to make things better in India? Since I am very practically result oriented guy, this question hurt me, though not much, for havin some good memories when i volunteered raising funds during Tsunami and many more.
Like great Jeh said, we need to explain Vivek, who represents common people of Bharat, why should we need to concentrate in politics instead of any other field.
I'm pastin some lines from one of my article i wrote some 2 years back;
....Only government can put control on every field by giving, what we say an ‘upper orders’, so that upper class of every field puts control on lower and so on. The corruption can therefore lessen....
...Absolutely one and all of my period abuse the Indian politics. We think nothing could be much worse than the disgusting stinking politics, whether it capitulate corruption or whatever. But when we perceive sound of it, we abuse, curse and forget it. Why anyone doesn’t actually seek to rinse it. Why doesn’t any intelligent youth try to make through them. What is the point cursing them? Why doesn’t just all the youths who curses politics for corruption and everything, jump in that arena and craft it, at least, a bit right....

Ohh i'm so proud, i thought that way 2 years back, isn't it Nagsen? and now someones are actually implementing what i said, i would do anythin to support them. To read this article completely (not very big and borin), click it
So again like before I've brought in some swears, Pliz repeat with me
WE WILL CHANGE THE SYSTEM AND MAKE OUR INDIA AN ADVANCED COUNTRY BEFORE 2012. For this, we will contribute to the country by any possible means. For this big change, many youths will have to sacrifice their comfort out of life, I'm one of them.
I don't doubt that we will achieve it, when I read the thoughts, rather electrifying sparks of great minds exists in Bharat like Jeh, Nagsen, Dharmal, Alf and many more.. keep doin man, country really needs you this time.
Lets become sons of India in this life, NOW OR NEVER.

At 10:45 AM, Blogger Tacitus said...

we need a symbol

At 11:13 AM, Blogger Swadesipal said...

again.. an unimportant point to raise. Thats what should supposed to be done by party president, not us. So, that's not a thing to be dicussed here, we are here to support them, publicize them, to give some fundoo ideas abt critical issues to be handled very delicately.. So i want all of us to be very clear about what should we supposed to do, dont go wasting your time on trivial issues.. sorry tocitus bro.. hope my says doesn't annoy you. sorry if it does.

At 11:58 AM, Blogger Nagsen Meshram said...

Hey guyz,
I think the group created by anand on is not upto the mark. I mean if you post a messege in the group, it takes three days to deliever, which is pathetic. Well, I think we should start a new group on which is quite efficient. I have seen lotsa small paritrana groups formed which I think is not that effective. We need one bigger group where everybody will be part of that group. Even we will include that group in the official website of Paritrana later on if feasible. Im going to create this group today and will forward the links to join it in this blog. I request everybody who is reading this blog to join it and also encourage your friends, neighbours, collegues, relatives and alomst everyone you know to join this group obviously at their own will. I will make sure that official memebers of Paritrana also join this group so that they will also be aware of our discussions going on in the group.
Pls do give your comments and suggestions.

At 5:46 PM, Blogger Vinod Varghese said...

hi everyone

since knowing about the Paritrana party, i have been trying to know more about them and how the youths are reacting to this new party's launch. its very exciting to see how many youths are influenced and positive about such an effort by a bunch of brave indian youths from IIT.

i would definitely like to do my part for the party. we need a party for the better future of our nation. we have had parties using religion, region, caste, etc to further their own goals. enough of such politicians make use of our people. now is the time to rise up and do what we have to save our nation and make it great in this world.

i agree to the view of having merchandise of paritrana to publicise the party in anyway we can. we need to have arm bands with the sign of the party. i believe the arm band design is the party sign in a white circle on a red background. please correct me if i'm wrong.

i think we should do our part for the party by talking to friends and relatives, make them realise what the party stands for.

lets rise up for our nation and make it one of the most advanced nation standing for equality, righteousness, justice and honour!

God bless India and the Paritrana Party!

Jai Hind!

At 6:50 PM, Blogger Nagsen Meshram said...

Guys, I have created the group and I request everybody who is reading this blog to join the group and invite almost everybody you know.

Group Name: Paritranaites
Home Page:
Group Email Addresses
Post message:
List owner:

You can go to the home page and join the group there or you can just send an e-mail to

I hope we will expand this group to millions and we will make sure that any announcement or any messege regards to Paritrana, reach to the millions. The bigger the better.
Please send this links to all the groups are part of and all the people you know.
Waiting for join..which will show what happens when a generation awakens..

At 11:48 PM, Blogger Jeh said...

Well said Swadesipal. We must not get sidetracked by decisions over which we have no control. As of now, I propose we transfer all of our discussions onto the yahoo groups site, where we can attract more people. Hope to see you on the other side.

At 12:51 AM, Blogger Jeh said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 3:31 AM, Blogger Jeh said...

Paritrana recently held it's first press conference. Was there anyone at it or is there anyone who has information about it? If so, post ASAP,either here or prefrebly at the yahoo group.

At 7:06 AM, Blogger dharmal said...

Regarding the groups it is important that we draw a line of distinction from the dormant lot.We need to show that this group is alive and kicking with thoughtful discussions culminating in actions and strategical ideas towards boosting PARITRANA popularity ratings and show that the group is not bound to degenerate into a mail forward sink.
I would like to higlight an important point raised by Vinod which might seem insignificant at first.It is equally important that the older generation gets to know PARITRANA with the same reverance as we do.Thereby urging all paritrana enthusiasts to let your parents ,grandparents and older relatives know about PARITRANA .The popularity levels of PARITRANA would thereby be multiplied by a factor of atleast 2!!!
I too am looking forward for the conference update.To all the visitors of this blogs,further discussions,information on PARITRANA will be available in the groups.
See you all in the groups.

At 8:36 AM, Blogger Vinod Varghese said...

hey does anyone know if the party has arm bands? if yes, what is the design of the arm bands?

At 6:44 PM, Blogger Nacicatus said...

Someone does need to come up with an image. symbols unite people, inspire them...
first: we need to see in detail what the constitution of paritrana is far the website only has some theoretical concepts. One needs more information or else how do we motivate people to join? Can we have the option of viewing the drafts, making suggestions?...or must we follow this new piper off the cliff's edge....

second:My fear is that these guys have started fielding candidates before getting their manifesto in order. If they feel they'll work on it as they go along, we're all in for a rude shock.

At 7:14 PM, Blogger Nagsen Meshram said...

Hi Nacicatus,
Please join the group and raise this question in the group. We have moved to the group now and all the points is being discussed there.

Group Name: Paritranaites
Home Page:

You can go to the home page and join the group there or you can just send an e-mail to

At 11:16 AM, Blogger Chankey said...

hi u all indians,
really nice to c that there r thousands of young men thinking in the same way,i think.we r ready to remove this nonsense from india.there is no limit of hell been created by these pre-existing parties ,thats why the need of a party like paritrana arised.if a judge can issue a warrant on the name of president APJ Abdul Kalam, then i dont think a single more word is required to explain bout corruption in India.My full hearted support to this party n u all people ,im here for any role u want from me.
But dont u all people think that the name'Paritrana ' is very pro-hindu name n we wont b able to make muslims in our party (despite of the fact that paritrana is very good name).
Cant we have a name like students democratic party or something which could explain itself bout the party.
i chose students because studentis very common for everything be it:-
2.Urban population
5.every religion
6.each caste,creed,region .
we have to show to all so called INNOCENT people ,what a very good govt can do.
To expect anything out of these parties or TWO alliances is stupidity.these r the parties which all full of corrupt people with two topmost leaders being the real persons.N to write or speak for parties like BSP,SP,RJD,DMK,AIADMK etc is just waste of time.after 60 years of independence ,these parties r making promise of providing whole india with BSP(BIZLEE,SADAK,PANI-electricity,road,water),I think in another 60 years they will definitely provide with these three basic needs.
congress is running a heiarchy in democracy. both these parties have given riots to india.
we cant afford to b a mere spectator sitting in our houses n critcizing the politicians in the group of 4-5 or 10-20 persons.
we should throw those politicians who r not even 10th pass n leading a country which has more graduates than anyother country.
we have seen lawyer the lier,
poet the pathetic,economist without power now let engineers take the charge of every work being going on india. cant we imagine what a budget it would b if it would b prepared by the graduates of IIMs,what a project it would b if it is prepared by the engineers as minister without any help from IASs.
what the hell KPS gill would do for INDIAN hockey.let kapil dev decide indian team instead of sharad pawar.
COME ON lets make India a country ,it should be.
Chankey raj singh
Ist year student
CSE,IP university

At 4:33 AM, Blogger Ramesh Kumar said...

Hi all,
Its really nice to see so much excitement and enthu in all of the young guys. I have read most of these blogs, and each of them points to some or other problems that Paritrana will be facing in coming future.

When i got a TOI Paritrana article mail from a company group, we all were discussing similar issues, so now its time to make some action plans and find out the approriate ways to implement these action plans, since Registration of Party is going to take more time so in between we should discuss and come out with certain action plans for party and then we can provide these inputs to Paritrana Board.
I think for increasing publicity of Party we should have one Student wing:
Student Wing: We should reach to all students including engineering students to Medical and other Graduate colleges because this is the community from where we will find most of our support.
If we can convince these students and fill them with our ideas and party missions.If we have x students in our fold at least we making awareness in x number of families..
Since in this tech era Internet is the thing that binds together the whole work so can't we make Paritrana aware of all the Indian students....

Most of the educated peoples don't go for vote because of dirty politics and they also think like us "ki India ka kuch nanhi ho sakta" and don't go for vote. We have to target this segment at first because these are the peoples who can understand us better.

After this as most of peoples have pointed out that we have to focus and convince rural area segments which mostly consists of uneducated peoples in villages(these are the peoples whose votes make big differences).

The big question is how we can convince rural peoples to have faith on us, this is going to be really tough task?
Because these peoples are mostly caught by religion and cast based political parties like RJD,SP,BSP,BJP and a long list.

I would like all you guys to brain storm and come up with some ideas to solve this problem....

For fund raising we can make it online as suggested by most of the peoples...

One more thing regarding the name change of party as said by Chankey, I think the name represents the mission of the party and it has nothing to do with hindu or muslim or any other religion, so for me it seems to be a suitable name.
Its a party for all young peoples of india who love their country and wants to see it as a prosperous and successful nation and make it Paritrana Nation.

At 1:58 AM, Blogger Rajiv Gandhi said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 2:09 AM, Blogger Rajiv Gandhi said...

well let me introduced myself, presently i am doing Mtech at IIT bombay and it was my dream to come up with a strong force to change the india....

At 4:58 AM, Blogger Divya said...

Hi all this is Divya.Currently in Chennai.Working as a software engineer.I have joined and got in contact with paritrana only very recently. i guess many of the active participants are here in chennai. what would be my suggestion is to form a network not only thru mere online talks but meeting personally can throw a lof of light on what we really need to do. Also we can meet some genuine NGO's or organise some camps to give out our voice. i am all here to help paritrana. thank you,

At 4:58 AM, Blogger Divya said...

Hi all this is Divya.Currently in Chennai.Working as a software engineer.I have joined and got in contact with paritrana only very recently. i guess many of the active participants are here in chennai. what would be my suggestion is to form a network not only thru mere online talks but meeting personally can throw a lof of light on what we really need to do. Also we can meet some genuine NGO's or organise some camps to give out our voice. i am all here to help paritrana. thank you,

At 12:15 AM, Blogger Jomster said...


While searching for blogs written by collegites I came across 'Paritran'(we got ourselves a minor tongue twister here). I am STUPEFIED. Where were you guys earlier. Actually, where were we guys. Im working as a civil engineer in a company in UAE. How can i help spread the word here. Will do anything right to see women walking on the streets without fear, people practicing their religion without hinderance, merit being rewarded without bias. Basically the end of modern day politics and its ugly sibling- corruption.

My two cents.
I second Sakthivels comments that we need to THINK BIG rather than START BIG. For starters, lets mobilise support on college levels - both in rural / urban settings. Again, the idea of generating funds using t-shirts and other stuff is really cool.
Additionaly, we have to make sure that Paritran is not stereotyped as some ivy league snob club.

Networking - its mostly a fancy MBA word, but theres a lot we can gain from this. For starters, before us there have been people who have fought the system - alone, and failed, or lost their lives fighting. Mobilize them, get them interested in our vision. Im bubbling with excitement and ideas, but I will wait for the froth to settle down before I can get to my real core.

NGOs - There is an enormous resource pool available here. The earlier comment holds good here.

I havent seen it, but does Paritran have any documented vision statement, mission statement, bye-laws and the usual legal mumbo jumbo.

The Revolution has started

Jomy John John

At 9:21 AM, Blogger Swadesipal said...

Hi Divya and Jomy John,
Thank you for your kind appreciation. yes we are into the biggest change that may occur in the history.
Meanwhile, we have turned up into a group
Pliz join in and contribute something into THE CHANGE.. Thank you

At 10:39 PM, Blogger vivek anand said...

I got to knew about paritrana today only and first thing i did waqs sending this link to as many as possible so thatr this movement can get a momemtum.Whenever politics was discussed in our friend circle.I used to get Maqny outrageous and disheartening remarks.And my Vision of Developed India gathered a great setback.Though small but i took some step to make our country bit poverty free.
Things which i think to give it much needed momemtum are
1.Transparency should be there in what ever you do.This would instill confidence in people.
2.We try to use print media as much as possible because i think it still accessible by most of the people.

best of luck

At 4:35 AM, Blogger Arunbal said...

hi Every 1,

Hatsoff to all u guys.I was obsessed with those things that u all have already written and discussed here before.It was my dream to start a party like this.But i knew i had to wait till i am matured enough both by age and experience.
I know i should join the yahoo groups, but still some may read this.I would definitely contribute to the work in the groups.
I am a software engineer, 21yrs, working with TCS- Kolkata.Joined in July 2005.But I am from Tamil Nadu, Coimbatore.
i was very excited about the party when i got the news thro' a mail.I immediately went to the website but unfortunately the site was at its initial stage,inspite i sent a word document Application for membership. But for a month there was no response.Then last week i got a mail with all those links to the articles in Hindu,and Indian express,Ibnlive and this Blog. Then i called Mr.Santhanagopalan,our party adviser,through phone several times but the call was not attended.The next day i got a missed call from his no.,I called him back and enquired about the membership drive.It was somebody else on the phone may be some friend of him,told me that they were busy with the Tamil Nadu elections and asked me to keep my cool and just be with them.I was excited. Then I went through the blog voraciously. Amazed that u people were able to generate great thoughts in me. I would like to refer to some of the comments from you people and give my answer to those.
I should first thank Dharmal for his initiatives.I am happy that there are lots of like minded youths as I.Especially when i read that concern for Littering and spitting on the streets.
Swadeshipal,keep every one inspired with all your questions.I vowed along with u when i read that.
Nagsen Meshram,great going yar. Keep publicizing about Paritrana in North and South Bay up there.
Jeh,you have a matured way of dealing with things. Your reaction to Vivek's comments was really matured.
I found only these names often through out the blog.What happened to all others.Only few comments from others.
Any way I have found my compatriots. Very eager to be in touch with u all.
One thing,U people thought there are only few SOUTH INDIANS along with u. Here I am a typical South guy to join u all.
I am sure that the way we r going we will make INDIA 2020 true.

Lets us all do it. !!!!
Will join the group and discuss my thoughts there.

At 6:31 AM, Blogger Dilbert said...

Hi, I am also an IITian and I may be interseted in joining these guys in their venture. can you please tell me how to contact them

At 8:32 AM, Blogger jatinder said...

hi guys...

i once heard about u in news channel and then u are gone.. where u are... after tht... i think we are loosing somewhere... not everyone knows tht something is going on like this... I want to join u.. how can i join please... tell me....

At 10:58 PM, Blogger Cdr.(Retd) BB Khilari said...

Cdr.(Retd) BB Khilari has left a new comment on the post "To blog or not to blog":

Dear all,
Greetings! I am Cdr. (Retd) BB Khilari from Bangalore, Who has contested the Assembly elections from Lok Paritran and awaiting results on 25 May 08. At the outset, I would like to inform you in right earnestness that you all are being totally ill-informed and mis-guided about Karnataka LP party by Tanmay Raj purohit and his brother Chandrashekhar through LP website. You all may be surprised to know that if at all LP party noticeably exists in the country, it is the Karnataka unit, thanks to the dedicated efforts of Mr. BT Naganna, the erstwhile State President and Mr. Shashidhar Alabur, the Treasurer, who have been sweating it out for over two and a quarter years to spread the message of LP, without any recognisable support from the so-called National Committee of LP headed by the two brothers mentioned above. I only joined about six months ago, highly impressed by the ideology and vision portrayed by the party, and contributed my bit in its growth. However, you shall all be surprised to know that none of the National Committee members have helped any of the 11 candidates in the campaigning process even on a single day. Instead they were busy contacting the candidates one by one to adjust the poll expenses of Congress candidates into their accounts as the maximum expenditure of LP candidates was around 2 to 2.5 lakhs against the CEC allowed limit of 10 lakhs. The basic aim seems to have been to convert black money of the Congress candidates into white for their own self-aggrandisement. When I got the wind of this and when Tanmay Purohit and Chandrashekhar wanted to visit me alone at my residence, I refused and asked them to arrange a formal meeting at the party Hqs. Since none of the candidates, except perhaps, one, Nalin Jain, presumably their relative, and an unfit LP candidate projected by the National team, agreed to their nefarious demands, on 10th May, they invited Mr. Naganna, for a personal discussion at about 8.45 pm. and after the discussions, where in Mr. Naganna refused to influence any of the candidates accounts or make adjustments in the State accounts, and when Mr. Naganna was about to leave by his car he was attacked by three masked men from a car immediately behind his car with sticks and base ball bats. Naganna somehow managed to chase them away and went home and informed Mr. Shashidhar and others of the party (I have a message received at about 10.21 pm stating Naganna attacked by Tanmay and gang, be careful, saved in my mobile). The conspirators then went and lodged a complaint with police that Naganna had attacked them. However, Mr. Naganna, keepiung in mind, the reputation of the party had discussion with many a party members and candidates next morning and filed a complaint of assault in the evening. In the mean time on that day Chandrashekhar and Tanmay addressed a press conference ( all pre-planned, as you have to book in advance) to state that Mr. Naganna has been dismissed and the State unit of Lp has been dissolved, by slapping totally false and baseless charges against Naganna, an act which is also utterly illegal as no prior notice had been issued nor the National council meeting had been convened to take such a decision. Surprisingly, yesterday, when the state committee was holding its meeting from 1600 hours and extended upto 2000 hours Mr. Nalin Jain, in collusion with Tanmay and Chandrashekhar, lodged a complaint in a remote police station at about 1830 hours that Mr. Naganna, Mr. Shashidhar and Mr. Anuj Mishra, a candidate, along with 10 heavily armed goondas attacked him at his office and demanded Rs. six lakhs and to withdraw the complaint lodged by Tanmay against Naganna. I, along with others went to the Police station today and have told the Inspector that this complaint was absolutely false as all the 3 members accused were in a meeting with us the previous day at the alleged time of attack. The police have also confirmed that no one visited Nalin Jain's office as alleged and are taking suitable action. I would like to inform you people that 10 candidates, including Naganna and myself, who contested the elections really sweated it out against corruption, in-efficiency and in-competency in governance and apathy of the administrative machinery towards citizens' problems with un-imaginable sincerity and dedication and that too in our pre-decided limited budgets, which was appreciated alround. The acts of the National committee of LP came as a surprising blow to all of us and has done considerable damage in the eyes of the public. We have learnt with fgeat pains that these conspirators and the so called founders of LP have done similar acts in Tamil Nadu, UP, Delhi, Mumbai, Pune and Gujrat and have not promoted the cause for LP's growth , but were mis-guiding every one , including those who are funding from abroad. Please convey this trurth to all those who you know and expose these mis-guided youths, who are younger to my children, and help me in pursuing my fight against corruption which is the original aim of this party. My E-mail ID is and you can contact me on 09342689574. Let us all together build a good society and a good governance. Warm Regards,

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Posted by Cdr.(Retd) BB Khilari to Karur Korner at May 19, 2008 11:22 AM

At 2:00 PM, Blogger vijay said...

hi guys, its beeen hard initial days for organisation but for sure the good spirit and hard work for a good cause will definitely yield results soooner or later.As it is said"Rome was not build in a single day", it takes some time to produce impact on mass and to win elections Best of luck


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